Friday, December 30, 2011

You can't fix stupid!

I saw this bumper sticker on a car today. 

It made me so mad, I wanted to vandalize the car. I didn't though!

OMG! REALLY??? One more proof that you can't fix stupid! 
All these brain washed people here in the "bible belt"..... Urgh... makes me sick to my stomach! 

How can it ever be wrong to marry someone you are in love with? Doesn't matter if same or opposite sex. How can love ever be wrong? 

America still has a long way to go.... and it will go slow... crawling...  

People are so blinded and brainwashed. I can not understand how there can still be people out there who truly believe it is a choice which sex you are attracted to.  Seriously? It is NOT a choice!  There are same sex relations in the animal kingdom. Animals don't choose! They live the way they are! 

Everyone should have the right to be with the person they love. 
But then again... it is mostly just a certain group of people who follows a certain religion, that are so narrow minded! 
I met some through and through awful, nasty, just plain mean people in my life.... needless to say they were all Christians.
I know of very few Christians who are nice, decent people and who use their religion to better themselves.... very few! 3, maybe 4! 

Anyways.... I really hope that one day this will not be an issue anymore. 
But I fear it will always just be a dream.....

)O( Micha

Friday, December 23, 2011

My (one of a kind) Kindle Cover

I have the best friends! :D
One of my friends especially! Se has always been there for me when I needed her AND she makes me pretty things! 
Like this!
A cover for my kindle! Hand made!

Thanks for being a great friend Addie!

)O( Micha

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kent!

For Kent's 28th birthday on December 14th we went to Fogo di Chao in Atlanta. Kent wanted to go there for a long time and we decided to treat ourselves to unlimited meat. Sounds kinda gross when you think about it. They also have a great salad bar ;)

I made reservations online and mentioned that it was my husbands birthday that day. Seems like they actually read my message because after we had stuffed our faces with very high class meats and salads, they brought a piece of chocolate cake (that we hadn't ordered) and wrote "Happy Birthday" on the rim of the plate. 

I really do enjoy going to fancy restaurants once in a while, places where you have to dress up and they have a good wine card and the waiter pulls the chair out for you.
Unfortunately those places are expensive! 

After tasting his first bite there Kent said: " We should eat here every day."
He also commented on a piece of filet mignon with:"It is like a meat marshmallow." 
Yeah... it was a great night out, even though it ended with some drama. Kent's (former) friends had to start drama again... but fortunately they are out of our lives now for good and we now finally can live our life without constantly getting negative comments about our way of living.
I am just sad that it happened on his birthday. But at the same time it is one more proof that they don't care about anything but themselves. In this sense: Farewell Losers!

)O( Micha

In der Weihnachtsbaeckerei.....

For the first time since moving to the US I made christmas cookies. 
I remember making various types of cookies with my Mom and Grandmother when I was a child. Various types doesn't even cover it. One year I recall my Grandmother having made over 20 different kinds of cookies. 

I am not a big fan of cookies... I am very picky when it comes to them. But I love to make and decorate them. 
Honestly, I thought that they would not come out to be edible, but to my surprise they are not too bad.

Here are some pictures of my master pieces....

                                                          Sugar Cookies

                                                     home made Choco Crossis


                                    Family Cookies : Kent , Micha , Butch , Rah

Happy Yule! 
)O( Micha