Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What is a Triquetra?

Triquetra is a noun derived from the Latin tri- ("three") and quetrus ("cornered").
Its original meaning ws simply "triangle" and it has been used to refer to various three-cornered shapes.
Nowadays, it has come to refer exclusively to a particular more complicated shape formed of three vesicae piscis, somtimes with an added cicle in or around it,
This has been used as a religious symbol of things and persons that are threefold.

Germanic paganism:
The triquetra has been found on runestones in Northern Europe and on early Germanic coins. It presumably had pagan religious meaning and it bears a resemblance to the Valknut, a symbol associated with Odin.
(This is expecially interesting for me, an old Kraut myself.)

Other aspects:

The Trinity Knot holds major significance in Irish Celtic mythology in that it is believed to represent the three stages of woman (Maiden/Wife, Mother, and Crone (old woman).
In contemporary Ireland, It is traditional for a man to give a loved one a trinket such as a necklace or ring signifying his affection towards her. It is believed to represent the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour, and protect. It is common for the design of the Trinity Knot to be engraved on a wedding ring and attaches to a Claddagh ring
(another Irish traditional ring given for friendship or engagement)
Germanic Neopagan groups who use the triquetra to symbolize their faith generally believe it is originally of Norse and Germanic origins.
The symbol is also sometimes used by Wiccans and some NewAgers to symbolize either the Wiccan triple goddess or the interconnected parts of our existence (Mind, Body, and Soul).
Also the triquetra is a symbol of protection in the Wiccan religion. It is also said to represent family; Father, Mother and Child.
It is difficult to date the exact origin of the Celtic triquetra, and whether it was first used in a Christian or pagan context; the distinctive interlace/knotwork artistic style did not fully develop until ca. the seventh century A.D., but the triquetra is the simplest possible knot.

                                                     ~ Blessed Be ~
)O( Micha

I want....

I want a new tattoo!
Yeah I know, my husband HATES tattoos, but oh well.... I hate long hair (hint hint - get a haircut already Justin Bieber look alike :D).
There is actually 2 tattoos I still want ....
A tripple moon tattoo like this:

But I am not sure WHERE I want it. So it will have to wait until I find the perfect spot on my body for it. It is, after all, permanent.

The one I already know a place for is a Triquetra.
I am just not sure if I want a plain one like this:

Or a more fancy one like that:

What I do know is WHERE I want it : on my foot... near my rigth pinky toe in that little corner up there. It is going to be a small tattoo though.

But FIRST I have to accomplish another thing in my life. THEN I will reward myself with this tattoo. It will not be for another couple months until I will even be close to accomplishing this, so I know I won't get the tattoo this year. But that's ok. It is something I want and in order to get it I have to accomplish this other goal I set for myself.
And NO I am not telling yet.... it will be a surprise ;)

)O( Micha

Monday, June 13, 2011


Here are a few pictures of the place I spent most of my days at now during the week: the office.

         My desk, right next to our refrigerator (and my office plant on top.

                                                 View from my window.

                              My business card (I feel important now LOL).

My desktop background. Sooooo cute! It always cheers me up when I am really really frustrated at work (which happens a lot).

)O( Micha

I got a new one!!!!

I got a new one.... a new vacuum cleaner!

When Kent and I moved to GA, I had brought my old tiny vacuum cleaner that I used in my apartment in IL and he brought his Mom's old vacuum (which weight about a ton and was a workout in itself just to carry it up the stairs).
So FINALLY we decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new device.
Living in a fully carpeted house with 2 cats (and a hairy husband) I knew I needed a vacuum with outstanding skills.
We did some research online and agreed on a Dyson ball. First we were going to get the orange one, but then we noticed that there was a purple one, specifically for animal hair. It was love at first sight! It had only good and excellent reviews, it was great for vacuuming pet hair and it was PURPLE!
Now my vacuum matches my phone and my laptop! :D

For better pictures, please check out my Facebook site.

)O( Micha

Buon Appetito

Hmmmmm... this is definitely one of my favorite summer foods: Caprese 
Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil with a hint of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
Super Yummy! Especially when it is hot out. 

Buon Appetito!

)O( Micha

I am back!

WOW, I just realized how long it has been since my last entry. 
I should try not to wait so long in between posts.

A little over a week ago I finally got it - my brand spanking new blue passport :D

It was a long journey and hard work to get it.
I remember when I worked at the airport in Salzburg, Austria and whenever a passenger had an American passport I said to myself: "One day, one day I will have a blue passport. One day I will be an American!"
And now I do! 

Unfortunately the picture is really bad. Those bio metric pictures are never flattering.

)O( Micha