Monday, April 11, 2011

New Job

I have a new job! YEY!!! ... well.. yey! This is going to be quite some change in my life after 6 months of being a stay at home wife. But it is time to join the working population again. I miss sleeping in and having the house to myself during the day already. lol
So, enough wining, here are the facts: 
I will be working for a newly founded company who sells high end hunting equipment, clothing, weapon cases, etc. except the actual weapons.
All the merchandise will be imported from Europe, mostly Germany and Switzerland. My job will be to make sure it goes through customs smoothly and solve any potential issues, also process orders, check on the shipping department and making sure they are working and the numbers are up to date and correct and being the German speaking link between Europe and USA.
Together, Kent and I now make enough that we can start looking for houses to buy by the time our lease expires in January 2012.
I am very excited about that.

Speaking of Kent.... he is such a wonderful hubby. When I told him I got the job he said he will take me out for dinner to celebrate, but didn't say where.
All I knew was to dress nice and be ready by the time he gets home from work because we have to be in downtown Atlanta by 7pm.
I was suspecting him to take me to the "Biergarten", Atlanta's German restaurant, but I was wrong.
He took me to BENIHANA! I have never been and always wanted to go.
I love him <3

We ate a ton and they even took a (complimentary) picture of us.

It was very yummy - especially the Philly Rolls Sushi :D

)O( Micha

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