Sunday, September 4, 2011

Knit, Purl, Knit

One of the fun things that came with my new job is that the 2 other females in the office LOVE to knit. I myself LIKE to knit. I am not as crazy about it as they are, but I enjoy engaging my needles once in a while.

I also learned that "knit" means "right" and "purl" means "left". Otherwise I still have a very hard time reading knitting patterns.

My goal is to knit a sweater within a year. A sweater I can actually wear.

This weekend I started on a throw/ afghan/ blanket - whatever you wanna call it.

I started with a few rows (1inch) of rainbow colored seed stitch, followed but grey yarn in a 1 row Knit, 1 row Purl pattern. In between there will be some more rainbow colored 1inch wide seed stitch rows. 
Lets see how long it will take me to finish. 
My right wrist is already sore from all the knitting this weekend, lol

)O( Micha

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