Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Love Books

LOTS of them!!!!

Here is a list of books I read in 2011:

The Lady of Avalon (M. Zimmer Bradley)
The Secret (R. Byrne)
Wizard's First Rule ( T. Goodkind)
The Mists of Avalon (876 pages!) (M. Zimmer Bradley)
The Forest House (M. Zimmer Bradley)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (H. Beecher Stowe)
Die Wanderhure (Iny Lorenz)
9th Judgement (J. Patterson)

(I have a feeling I forgot some. I don't think I read only 8 books in 1 year)

Here is what I am planning on reading on 2012 (not necessarily in that order):

Wintergirls (L. H. Anderson) *
The Kiterunner (K. Hossein)
The Thirteenths Tale ( D. Setterfield)
Oliver Twist (C. Dickens)
The Joy Luck Club (re-read) (Amy Tan) *
10th Anniversary (J. Patterson)
The Shunning (B.Lewis)*
The Confession (B. Lewis) *
The Reckoning (B. Lewis) *
Stone of Tears (T. Goodkind)
Emma (J. Austen)
The Masterkey System (C. F. Haanel)
The Mozart Conspiracy (S. Mariani)
The Peach Keeper (S.A. Allen)
The Witches of Eileanan (K. Forsyth)
Miriam's Heart (E. Miller)*
Paradise Valley (D. Cramer)*
Courting Ruth (E. Miller) 
Anna's Gift (E. Miller) *

I started "Wintergirls" today. So far I am not absolutely in love with this book, but I will finish reading it. It is only 278 pages with fairly big printed letters.  ( update: I read this book in 1 day)

I am always looking for more book suggestions... so if anyone can recommend a good book - please do so. Thanks! :D

)O( Micha

PS: I will be updating what I have read so far by putting a * next to the book title. 

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