Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am HOOKED...

During the last months of AIT (Advanced Individual Training) we had a lot of down time during the day and one of my battles went out and bought herself a latch hook kit. I have never seen or heard of those before (German as I am ) but I was fascinated right away. I LOVE crafting and as soon as I got a chance I went to Michaels and got myself a kit.
I found this adorable lab puppy and started the project as soon as I got back to the barracks.

I loved it and got HOOKED. I couldn't stop working on it. 
Soon the puppy started to appear...

... and only a few more days later I was done with the project

 ... which is now hanging on the wall in our guest bedroom.

Off I went to get another one...

This time I chose a bigger project, thinking I would finish it as quickly as I finished the first one. My new latch hook kit featured a Teddy sitting in front of the American flag. 

Time flew by and I was busy with clearing the post and packing, so I ended up finishing my Teddy at home. 

 It was a lot of work... but since I don't work right now, I was able to finish it within 1 week (which included a couple long nights of latch hooking).
The finished Teddy is now also part of the decoration in our guest bedroom.

Latch hooking is a fun, easy way to create decorative, fuzzy pictures which can be sown onto a pillow, hung on the wall or used as a rug.
You should try it sometime. I am definitely hooked!

)O( Micha

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