Monday, June 13, 2011

I got a new one!!!!

I got a new one.... a new vacuum cleaner!

When Kent and I moved to GA, I had brought my old tiny vacuum cleaner that I used in my apartment in IL and he brought his Mom's old vacuum (which weight about a ton and was a workout in itself just to carry it up the stairs).
So FINALLY we decided to bite the bullet and invest in a new device.
Living in a fully carpeted house with 2 cats (and a hairy husband) I knew I needed a vacuum with outstanding skills.
We did some research online and agreed on a Dyson ball. First we were going to get the orange one, but then we noticed that there was a purple one, specifically for animal hair. It was love at first sight! It had only good and excellent reviews, it was great for vacuuming pet hair and it was PURPLE!
Now my vacuum matches my phone and my laptop! :D

For better pictures, please check out my Facebook site.

)O( Micha

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