Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I want....

I want a new tattoo!
Yeah I know, my husband HATES tattoos, but oh well.... I hate long hair (hint hint - get a haircut already Justin Bieber look alike :D).
There is actually 2 tattoos I still want ....
A tripple moon tattoo like this:

But I am not sure WHERE I want it. So it will have to wait until I find the perfect spot on my body for it. It is, after all, permanent.

The one I already know a place for is a Triquetra.
I am just not sure if I want a plain one like this:

Or a more fancy one like that:

What I do know is WHERE I want it : on my foot... near my rigth pinky toe in that little corner up there. It is going to be a small tattoo though.

But FIRST I have to accomplish another thing in my life. THEN I will reward myself with this tattoo. It will not be for another couple months until I will even be close to accomplishing this, so I know I won't get the tattoo this year. But that's ok. It is something I want and in order to get it I have to accomplish this other goal I set for myself.
And NO I am not telling yet.... it will be a surprise ;)

)O( Micha

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