Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awwwweeee.... OUCH!

Aweeee.... isn't Rah the cutest kitty ever? Well, I know he isn't,but it seems to be the custom that every Mom thinks their kid is the cutest and smartest in the world although they are really all the same (unless they are a genius and can play the piano at age 2 or are total retards). Other than that - all kids are the same the first few years. And so are kitties - but of course since this one is mine I have to insist of it being the cutest and smartest of all.

Anyways.... this morning Rah tried to eat my finger:


It didn't really hurt - probably because since my kitty is the smartest in the world he knows not to hurt Mommy. LMAO!

)O( Micha

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