Saturday, July 2, 2011

My new (old) obsession

I have a new (old) obsession .... BERRIES!
I love them! I always loved them.
I remember growing up I would go outside at my Grandma's house and eat berries right off the bush. She had a variety of berries in her garden.... blueberries, gooseberries, blackberries and my favorite: wild raspberries.
For years I thought strawberries where my favorite... but I recently realized that it is really raspberries that I like most. 
Trying to change my bad eating habits that I acquired while at Ft. Sam, I remembered how I love smoothies and shakes. No, not the kind you get at McDonald's ... healthy ones, with organic milk and naturally grown organic berries. Nothing else. 
Unfortunately I live over 20 miles away from the nearest WholeFoods and Trader Joe's, but from where I work it is only 10 miles to a TraderJoe's. 
While living in Mt Prospect, IL I would do most of my grocery shopping there. It is a great store. Natural , healthy food at an affordable price. 
I started going to the one closer to work during my lunch time. Unfortunately that limits me a bit to "go-grab what you need- and get back to  work", instead of looking around and browsing the aisles. But then again, lunchtime is the worst time to go grocery shopping. All the oh so busy stay at home Moms have to go at the exact same time as the working people, who only have a limited time during lunch. And of course they bring all their brats, all 3 , 4 or 5 of them. They scream and cry (yeah I know it is lunch time , I am hungry too) and Mom is busy chit chatting with the other Moms and their brood. 
.... oooops, got carried away a bit... where was I? Oh yeah, berries....
So I stuck up on natural organic frozen berries (mixed berries and raspberries) some almond milk to go with it  and put it in a blender! HEAVEN!
It tastes just wonderful, is super healthy and gives you so much energy.
I am really happy I re-discovered my passion for good berries. 
Doesn't this look just so yummy?  

               Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Almond Milk Smoothie a la Micha 

)O( Micha

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