Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing...... Rah!

Let me introduce you to our latest addition to our little family : Rah Orion Fitch.
                                             He is a 5.5 months old Maine Coon Mix. 

Kent and I just wanted to go "look at kitties" at our local Pet Smart store and there he was :)

We had been looking for a kitty for a while, and even though we knew exactly what we were looking for (an orange extra large maine coon kitten) it was love at first sight. The Lady from the adoption agency said that he is a shy kitty who loves being around other cats. After holding him and petting him for a while he warmed up to us quickly and Kent and I knew we HAD to get him.
The agency had named him "Cloud", which we didn't like. So we made a list of all the names we would like  for him and finally agreed on Rah (after Ra, the Egyptian God) and Orion as his middle name. :)
Rah was born on September 1st 2010, so he is currently 5.5 months old. 
When we brought him home Butch was NOT amused. Rah loved him right from the beginning and wanted to play with him, but Butch kept hissing at the little one.
We had to separate them for a little while, and after about 2 hours Butch was ready to get to know his new little brother ("get to know", as in "sniff his butt" lol)...

... but still isn't too happy about our newest addition, but I am sure he'll get used to him a little more every day. 

Kent and I are very happy!  We are still planning on getting our XL orange Maine Coon eventually (his name will be Tubbs), but we love and adore Rah and of course we love our Butchy!

                   Now here is a classic: Rah's first dump in his new litter box :D

)O( Micha

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