Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOL of the day

I decided to treat myself to a stroll through my local mall today and of course got stuck at Borders. 
After browsing around for a while I found myself in my favorite corner of the store where you can usually find "the weird people". 
It's the metaphysical, astrology, spiritual section, right across from the "Christian Fiction and Bibles".
Anyways... I was looking through some of Scott Cunningham's and Silver Ravenwolf's works when I suddenly discovered this:

This business card from a "Bio-Exorcist" was hidden within Raymond Buckland's "Wicca for Life" book.

I knew the South was super religious in a Christian way, but I never thought people would be so fanatic as to think that people like me, pagans who follow the old ways,  needed EXORCISM! 

This made me LOL - laugh out loud, in the middle of the store.  :D

~Blesses Be~

)O( Micha

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