Friday, March 11, 2011

Time to VENT

I already posted this on my Face Book, but it is REALLY bothering me so I am re-posting this on here with some pictures to underline my opinion.
Here we go:
So, my hubby and I tried to have a nice dinner tonight. We went to a local pizza place. We did expect it to be a bit fancier than it really was ,but that's beside the point. I am soooooo tired of never being able to enjoy a nice meal without it being ruined by kids in the restaurant.

 It doesn't matter where we go, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Pizza Place... there is always a horde of crumb snatchers who can't shut up and behave or babies crying.

 I am tired and sick of it.

 At most places you are not allowed to bring a dog that would be silently lay underneath the table , not bothering anyone, but masses of crying, obnoxious little creatures can be brought anywhere. 
If they are not old enough to behave they should not be brought along! I am soooo angry of always having my evenings ruined. 
There should be restaurants for ADULTS ONLY! 

So, now I am feeling better.... got it off my chest .... *sigh*

)O( Micha

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