Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 Times a Charm

FINALLY, after going to the MVD tag office 3 times, I got my GA license plate. 

Holy crap, how hard can it be to get you car registered in a different state and get a plate?

First of all, the place is only open Mon. - Fri. 9am - 5pm with an extra hour (until 6pm) on Tuesdays.
Kent works Mon. - Fri. 8-5 and his work is 40 miles away.... so he can NEVER make it there on time.
The first time we went there (and Kent took a half day off to do so) we found out 
(after waiting in line for 30 minutes) 
we could not get a plate without a GA drivers license, proof of insurance, an Emissions test and proof of residency ... and cash (no credit or debit cards).

So, after we got our drivers licenses and the Emission test (my car didn't need one yet because it is under 2 years old) we went back 
(Kent had the Monday before starting his new job off).... and were told we need a GA insurance. 
We are with USAA and it said IL on the insurance car. 
So, I called them and got us GA insurance ($50/ month more) and went back there a 3rd time. 
FINALLY I was able to get my plate. 
I asked if I could get a plate for my husband since he is never able to get there on time unless he takes a half day off, and was told I needed a power of attorney .... FINE! 
At least they gave me the paperwork for that. 

On the plus side, I only paid $38. 
$20 for the plate + sticker and $18 to transfer the outer state title. 
$20 for a plate . WOW! Illinois took $99 and then another $40 (or more if you live in Chicago) for a city sticker. 
Once Kent gets back from his business trip we will get the POA taken care off and I will have the pleasure to return to the MVD tag office a 4th time... What I do for love <3

Here is my new pride and joy... my GA tag .... and I put it on all by myself. Who needs a man in the house if you  know how to use a screwdriver....

)O( Micha

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