Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2011

Hubby and I went to Atlanta to attend the 129th St. Patrick's Day Parade. We didn't think that a city in the South would have a traditional St. Patrick's Day Parade since 1858! 

The weather was GREAT! For the first time I was able to attend a St. PD Parade without freezing my butt off. It was a sunny 70 F, so I got to wear my St. PD sunglasses :D

                                                              They are AWESOME!

Speaking of "awesome" ... Kent didn't think my sunglasses were, but his green shoes. He insisted in wearing his green (in my opinion hideous and embarrassing) shoes.


Despite our not matching taste in outfits for the day we had LOTs of fun! 
The parade wasn't nearly as big as the one in Chicago.  We loved it. No fear of being trembled to death. There were quite some people though and the parade lasted almost 1.5hours.  Since we positioned ourselves right at the beginning of the parade it kinda looks we were the only ones there (not many other people in our pictures). But then again, we loved it and we actually got to see all of the parade and were able to take pictures without being stepped on.

Here are some images:

                             I say " Hooah! "

For more pictures go to my Facebook page and look at the St. Patrick's Day Parade photo album.

)O( Micha

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