Monday, March 14, 2011

Worst Dentist Office EVER!

Hubbster and I went to the dentist today. He needed a check up badly and I had lost part of a filling and that needed to be fixed. So I called a dentist office that was on the list of our dental plan and and was assured (twice) that they could see us BOTH on Monday, March 14th at 2:30pm.
We got there around 2:15pm, filled out paperwork and Kent was called in shortly after.

I was sitting in the waiting room... waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting.... 

Eventually an older guy started talking to me telling me he had just published his first book ... Poems of Grace... that he was a minister and he even read me one of his poems, about Bill Clinton. I let him finish although I did not agree with his few of our former president.  It was painful. He kept on telling me about his work as a minister and where he used to preach etc... I really didn't care. I just wanted to get the dentist appointment over with.

It got to 3pm.... then 3:15pm.... still waiting... 

At 3:25pm I was finally called in. I saw Kent sitting in a chair and asked him if he was done. 
Turns out the doctor hadn't even seen him yet. Same with me... "It will be a few more minutes."

That's when I got MAD!

I told the assistant (in a very annoyed tone) that we had an appointment at 2:30pm and I have been waiting for 1 hour. She told me we were booked for 3:30pm and 4pm. WFT?

Then she starts taking x-rays. Checking my gums and still, no doctor.
FINALLY he arrives. I told him why I was here and he said something about a cleaning.

This is when I got nasty.

I made it very clear to them that I have issues with going to the dentist in the first place and having me wait for 1 hour and then another 30 min until the doctor graces me with his presence doesn't help.

All I wanted is to get the filling fixed and talk about potentially getting a crown for that tooth.
So they said they would have to contact our insurance first and see how much they would pay and what the end sum would be.

More waiting....

Kent needs a couple little cavities filled (the first ones in his life) and they calculated $455 each.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Oh... yeah... but these are inlays that last for a life time  bla bla...

I was ready to explode!

I think Kent was even a bit embarrassed how I started talking to the assistant... but really , come on.

Not ONCE did they ask what we wanted. The doctor did not mention the different types of possible treatments (and different kinds of prices), just wrote down the most expensive right away.

I had the assistant go back and tell the doctor we wanted regular fillings... for $105 each ($350 less per tooth). 
They were not amused.

The cleaning they wanted to charge us $200 and another like $50 for some special mouth wash they wanted to sell us. LOL, Yeah, I don't think so.

I had my filling fixed and I might go back for the crown, just because they already took the x-rays and Kent has an appointment to get the cavities fixed on Saturday at 8:30am now, because after over 3 hours in the dentist office we just wanted to get the fuck out.

After these things are taken care of I will NEVER set foot in this office ever again.

This office was one of the worst dental offices I have been to in my life ( and I have been to many).
They can charge someone else an arm and a leg, not us!

So yeah... HORRIBLE experience. 

Anyone knows a good dentist in the West Atlanta area?

)O( Micha

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